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For those directed here from my Easy Fifth String Capo video on YouTube, this is a clear picture of the Crummy Capo in action.

I PUT A PENNY IN THE PIC TO SHOW SCALE.  The best size of the clip is 19 mm, and it has some red electrical tape (any color works) on one side of the clip or two sides, in order to add extra grip.

Use a banjo or guitar capo to capo the longer four strings. (If you play in G major, capoing two frets brings those four long strings to the key of A).

Next go to your short fifth string and lift it  as high as you can over the second fret down (again, for an A chord being the song's root -- capo four frets for songs in B, etc,).

Imagine the top of your frets are to the right in the picture.  Open the clip wide, slide it at a 45 degree angle over the string, but just above the fret, and let loose of the clip when it reaches/touches the fret,  It may need a little adjusting, and is not perfect for too energetic playing (it may pop off if not a good, strong clip).  But it enables you to capo up your fifth string when changing to another song key in a set of songs, with no or minimal retuning.