NOTES ADDED 4/29/2019 and 8/23/19
1.  Although the 2019 General Conference is over, and thank the Lord, the traditional/scriptural plan I and others advocated was approved, this little book still may of interest to readers because of the issue’s likelihood to surface again in the UMC and other denominations, and my personal pro-Bible testimony.
2.  I have a YouTube video directed to gays and lesbians that tries to explain that people with my traditionalist position are not mean-spirited, but are lovingly motivated based on our concern about the eternal spiritual risks associated with their continuing to engage in any practice (not merely having an inclination) prohibited by revelations from God contained in the Scriptures - - see it at

"If there were no authoritative revelations from God as to his nature and proper human conduct, a person could – must - insert only her or his finite reasoning abilities and personal philosophy to guess an infinite God’s “likely” position. Trends in such fluctuating inserts from one age to another would alter unpredictably the contemporary church and postulations of God’s expectations."

"Let us not . . . despise the precious gift given us by a loving God who deserves and demands our child-like obedience before his omnisciently-birthed directives.""

excerpts, proof copy, Mending the Methodist Fray

This concise new book (13,500 words) defends a  Bible-based ("traditionalist") resolution for the ongoing homosexual debate within the United Methodist Church. 

It is now available (see link below).

Using Martin Luther's famous 95 Theses as well as a logical argument for the futility of all efforts to discern the Will of God short of a direct appeal to His divine revelation, the author gently points out the path for ending discord within the denomination.  In doing this, he specifically outlines the dangers facing the denomination if it mistakenly adopts a purely administrative path that allows serious moral confusion to linger. 

The mending needed is thus not a futile patching together of disputants, but rather a renewed melding of United Methodism's purpose with the Holy Scriptures; i.e., with John Wesley's "prima scriptura" teachings.

Please go to Amazon books to buy a copy of Mending the Methodist Fray by Gary E  Crum for less than $9.

NOTE dated 1/15/19:  Cokesbury Online Bookstore is even cheaper now for the book.